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Idrija Žlikrofi

"Mastered by Špela! This is a very traditional recipe but requires some practice and technique. come and join us and Špela will show you some secret tricks that work like magicJ

Orehova Potica - Walnut Potica

"This recipe was given to me by my mother whose "potica" is the best in the world for me and to anyone who ever tasted it. She usually bakes it in a wood -fired oven which gives it a very nice crust." 

Tarragon Ice Cream with Istrian Olive oil

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"A bit colder, early autumn days were perfect for new creations. The combination of olive oil and tarragon will surprise your taste buds and bring the summer back to your living room. Enjoy it!"

Why us?

Getting to know the country is not complete without knowing its food, ingredients, tastes, and its ways of life. We know Slovenia, its dishes, local ingredients, the people who produce them, where to get them, we know about good inns and restaurants, and most of all, we love cooking and nature and sharing it all with you. Join us for a fun cooking workshop with locals.

Who we are

We are young cooking enthusiasts in love with Slovenian cuisine, wines and nature. We believe in fresh and locally produced ingredients, waking up at 5 am to pick mushrooms, herbs or chestnuts in the forest, turning them into delicious soups, pies, jams, cakes, and drinks. We carry on the rich culinary traditions of our grandmothers with a twist of our own.

Our experience

Our love for cooking developed through family, travel, cooking classes, and professional experience. We have more than 15 years of experience in tourism, event management, organization, and marketing. Now we would like to combine the two things we enjoy most – cooking and working with people. We will show you the best there is about Slovenian cuisine.