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Cook Eat Slovenia Cookbook

A cookbook that brings traditional Slovenian dishes and stories to your kitchens worldwide.


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Please help me share my project among other food lovers and spread the word.
Cook Eat Slovenia
Špela Vodovc

With my first cookbook, everyone will be able to bring Slovenian recipes home.


Hi, my name is Špela and my dream is to bring traditional Slovenian recipes to the world and help the world to discover Slovenian food. For the last four years, I’ve devoted myself to running the Cook Eat Slovenia project, presenting traditional Slovenian food to hundreds of happy foodies who attend my cooking classes.

Please help me share my project among other food lovers and spread the word.

Now's your chance to cook Slovenian food at home and discover Slovenian culture through food.


Inside you’ll find more than 100 family recipes and tips for cooking traditional Slovenian dishes. Divided into chapters for each of the four seasons, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and rich cultural traditions, I will tell a story, not just teach you how to cook.


Marinated Sardines


Jota with sour turnip


Easter breakfast


Curd cheese štruklji

Please help me share my project among other food lovers and spread the word.

Why us?

Getting to know the country is not complete without knowing its food, ingredients, tastes, and its ways of life. We know Slovenia, its dishes, local ingredients, the people who produce them, where to get them, we know about good inns and restaurants, and most of all, we love food, wine and nature and sharing it all with you. Join our tours, taste Slovenia and explore it like locals.

Who we are

We are young enthusiasts in love with Slovenian food, wine and nature. Passionate in everything we do. Our goal is to present the best Slovenia has to offer on plate combined with nature, traditions and local way of life. Each trip is carefully designed to immerse you in the local culture and reveal a region’s true spirit. An experience that you will treasure long after your trip is over.

Our mission

We believe that every great adventure is blend of nature, history and delicious food and wine. The best way for authentic experience is travelling in small groups. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment in which guests are able to enjoy in every adventure and truly experience local life. That's why our mission is to find the best in everything for our guests.